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Self - Service

Single Machine
Double Machine
Triple Machine
Tide Single Use Box
Bounce Sheets (2 per Box)
Liquid Downy Fabric Softener
Dryers (per 5 minutes)

Drop, Lock and Wash Service

Our drop, lock and wash drop off service is priced based on the weight of your laundry excluding certain items that are charged per piece. We'll sort your laundry into lights and darks and wash them separately from other customers laundry. Our normal wash cycles are warm water with a dry on medium heat. If you have special needs we will be happy to adjust how we do things to meet your requirements.

Our drop lock and wash service provides a next day service only. Laundry dropped off by 7pm will be processed and available by Noon the following day.

Price Per lb.
($2.65 per Kg)

All prices include detergent, liquid fabric softener, drying with fabric sheet and folding. Unless otherwise specified, clothes are washed on warm and dried on medium heat.

The drop, lock and wash service has a minimum weight charge of 10.4 lbs.
All prices are subject to GST.

$5.00 per pair

All coveralls are washed separate from general laundry and a special concentrated degreasing detergent is added to help get oil and grease out. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that all oil or grease will be removed.

Coveralls are subject to a $10.00 minimum per order.

Blankets / Quilts / Sleeping Bags

Must be machine washable, we will not accept dry clean only quilts or bags.

King Size
Queen or Double Size
Twin Size
Sleeping Bags

All laundry that is not picked up within 3 days will be subject to a storage charge of $2.00 per day at the discretion of management.

We reserve the right to refuse service at the sole discretion of the attendant.

All prices exclude GST.